Software Usage for Maximum Productivity.

Now with all the hardware and software in place, the next main component for starting a company is the effectiveness with which the resources can be utilized. The main practices to be followed are as follows:

1. Have a VSS (Visual source safe) or SourceOffSite to manage your files. Every day before doing any code changes, the latest files need to be checked out, the changes are to be made and the files needs to be checked with correct comments for better maintainance of code history.

2. Every PC in the company should have a particular folder structure. Files should not be stored haphazardly and should be well maintained.

3. A dedicated folder needs to be maintained for Cheat Sheets for referring them when required.

4. All the required folders should be present in form of shortcut icons in the quick launch bar, so that the browsing becomes easier and time saving.

5. Maintain a template for website. e.g. maintain a folder path like


in d:\Projects\Templates the following folders needs to be present.

a)CSS - for having any css files or css frameworks e.g. 960 degree.
b)JAVASCRIPT - for having any js files or javascript frameworks e.g Jquery.
c)BUSINESSLAYER - For having all the class files for logic of code.
d)DBLAYER - For code to connect to the database and manipulate them.

and Code files e.g index.aspx

These files and folders need to be copied into the folder d:\Projects\Website\SiteName every time a new website is created.

6. Last but not the least, use file comparison tools like SourceGear DiffMerge, for comparing files and merging them before taking or uploading any file from VSS.

Following these practices can increase the productivity of the project. Any suggestions are welcome whole heartedly.


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