Promoting your Company.

After setting up your company or even before doing it, promoting it becomes the main concern. People are needed to be made aware of the Company, so that they can refer it to potential business partners or bring business to you directly. The various methods which can be adopted to promote and advertise your company are as follows:

1. Verbal advertising. There is no substitute to verbally propagating the existence of your company. Is its easy and it is free. Companies like Google and Barista have adopted this method. You can never see an ad for Google and Barista in Media. The better the Friend Circle you have and the better the friend circle your friends have, the better is the promotion cycle. In this method, allow the work to speak for you.

2. Make Profiles in the following websites:
a} Orkut
b) Facebook
c) Myspace
d) Hi5
e) Twitter
f) LinkedIn
g) Apnacircle

Invite friends and tell them about the company. Make the profile public, so that they can be accessed by everyone interested.

3. Send mails to interested friends so that they can follow your progress and may communicate the same to their friends. You can never know from which direction the help might come.

4. Blog about the progress of your company, the beliefs, the strategy adopted and post the link in Twitter, Social Networking websites, Tag line of Chats etc.

5. Maintain a website of the company and keep your contact information up to date. Give a professional look to the website.

6. In the above website, use Google Analytics, Cluster Maps, Hit Counter, to keep a track of the number of users and their locations.

7. Maintain a forum, in which maintain the codes. So that it may interest other inquisitive minds to appreciate your approach and efforts, so that they main consider bringing you business.

Advertising and Promotion requires dynamic approach and innovative ideas. Along with the present methods, there can be numerous others which can contribute to the progress of the company. Please feel free to contribute your ideas.


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