Quality Process in the Company.

Quality seems to be a Trivial matter as far as startups are concerned, but in the long run, they really do matter. I am listing down a series of practices, which if followed can improve the productivity of the company and help keep track of the processes.

1. An Excel sheet needs to be shared amongst the employees in LAN, with the setting that multiple people can work on that at the same time.

2. Use Excel sheet as the time sheet for the employees to enter their daily actual hours.

3. The time sheet should have the details of the work on each day and the version of the files checked in the VSS after every day against each work.

4. Supporting documents for each work done can be attached as a future reference.

5. There should be a Sheet in the last page, which will contain the links in an formatted manner, which can give insights to problems encountered in work.

6. Code repository should be maintained in the Server with the links in an Excel sheet with a small description of how the code can be used.

7. All financial Transactions and Appointments should be maintained by the HR/Finance guy/girl of the Company (For a startup, single person has to do multiple jobs, moreover transactions would nut be huge).

Maintaining the Quality is taken seriously in many companies which are certified as CMM5, CMMI5 level companies. They have their own benefits which can be witnessed in the long run.

Anyone who want to add something to the above existing link is always welcome.


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