Essential for Starting a Company Website.

If you have a company, then it goes without saying that you must have a Company Website; or More importantly Portfolio website which highlights all the works and achievements of your company. It has to be:

  1. Elegant Design.
  2. Light weight (Not taking enough time to load).
  3. Good Navigation (Visitor can visit as much pages as possible from a given page).
  4. Comphrensive (Must have all the details required).

There is always the option of designing one from scratch. It can have the following advantages:

  1. Then one can have the total control over the code.
  2. Any customization to be made will be easy.

But then

  1. It will be time consuming.
  2. Much technical expertise will be required.
  3. You might skip some of the important elements, which you could have added based on the experience.

So its always suggested to use one of the already available open source CMS (Content Management System) for the same. Then we can have the following advantages:

  1. We can save much time, since the code is ready, we just need to cutomize.
  2. We can add functionalities by adding plugins which are readily available.
  3. We can add theme files, which are available for free.

So I would recomend the following code/Programming languages for the same:

  1. Wordpress (CMS).
  2. jQuery (Javascript Framework, to add UI and Ajax effects).
  3. CSS to add style elements for the same.

Plugins for wordpress which can come handy are:

  1. Breadcumb navigation.
  2. Pagination.
  3. GD Star plugin.
  4. Contact 7 Form plugin.
  5. Tag Cloud Plugin.

Plugins for jQuery which can come handy are:

  1. Tabs plugin.
  2. Ajax form submit plugin.
  3. Form Validator plugin.
  4. jCarousal plugin.
  5. LightBox plugin.

The list can be furthur updated with your suggestions and recomendations. Please help me with it.


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