Softwares Required.

Now is the time for selecting the sophisticated weapons to prepare for the war. It depends on basically 3 factors.

1. Supporting Open Source.
2. Supporting propitiatory software.
3. Ok with the express/demo editions. (Not advisable)

Since an IT company can be of many types, but basically I will be covering the web development part, because that seems to be easy while starting a company.

So the advisable tools of the trade are:

1. Windows XP (98 is outdated and Vista is slow). People are more familier with windows.

2. Visual Studio 2008/Php, Depending on which language you are comfortable with.

3. Mozilla as the browser. With Plugins installed (I will give a list in my next post).

4. Thunderbird E-Mail Client (With the Event Calender plugin Installed).

5. Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Powerpoint, Excel).

6. SQL/MySQL, depending upon choice.

7. VLC player. It can literally play anything.

This list will be updated with each passing enlightenment I get about Softwares. Hopefully you can also contribute in the Comments section. I will add the same to the List.


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