Naming the Company

The next important component for a startup company is to have a Name.
It helps you and others to identify the entity you are working for.
The name should satisfy the following criterias :

1. The name should be small and compact and not complex.
2. It should be easily pronounced. So that when others refer to it, they won't face any difficulty.
3. It should not clash with any existing name.
4. It should highlight the work you are doing and should relate to the context of the work.
5. The name should be followed by a punchline or motto of the company.
6. A logo can add to the beauty of it and bring a professional bent to the company from the beginning.

I must add that this was a tough task for me to search for a name for a company and till now zeroed upon none, considering that fact that what will be selected will last forever.


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