Prelude to Starting a Company....

Hi friends,
Many of us dream to have something of our own.
The motivating factor may be:
1. Becoming famous
2. Becoming rich
3. Impressing the fairer sex :)
4. Or as in my case getting bored of taking others and doing what others ask me to do.

Every one has their own reason.
But what binds them together is a Dream to accomplish their goal.
But what stops them is:
1. The busy schedule
2. The attitude of starting tomorrow rather than starting today, and
3. Weak motivating factor.

So to plunge into this field,
1. One should be ready to take the challenge head on and move ahead overcoming all hurdles.
2. What they need is time management
3. Multi tasking capabilities
4. Determination to move ahead in spite of failures
5. Creativity
6. Leadership qualities and technical knowledge.

So lets start our Company. Cheers....


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